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Transforming Spaces In A Moment

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Welcome to HydAway Hydraulic Walls, where design and creativity flourish, since 1992. Free your architectural ideas from traditional constraints and expand the possibilities with HydAway. We’ve created a groundbreaking change in the design landscape with our patented design engineered for residential and commercial spaces. Discover the elegance of seamless transitions with HydAway Hydraulic Walls.

HydAway Walls & Doors Bar

Kitchen Serving Wall

Acting as a room divider between the kitchen and eating area, our walls facilitate a transformative kitchen-to-dining experience. In seconds you can transform your space with ease. Eliminate unnecessary distance between your serving and cooking rooms with our opening wall and gain unparalleled control.

Great Room to Patio

Increase your entertaining space in seconds by controlling the barrier to your house and the outdoors. Designed with precision and your lifestyle in mind, this innovative system not only enhances the flow of your home but also bridges your indoor comfort with the allure of outdoor living.

HydAway Walls & Doors Pool House

Pool Gazebo

Discover the refined elegance of our Pool Gazebo, characterized by its 8-door glass walls that encapsulate a 360-degree panoramic view. This project demonstrates the sophisticated applications of HydAway in creating versatile outdoor spaces for both relaxation and entertainment.

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Spanning across North America, our manufacturing facilities are readily accessible to meet your needs. Use our locator tool to identify the nearest facility to you. Start your journey with HydAway today!

Design Resources

HydAway sets the industry standard for customer satisfaction and service with its seamless approach to ensuring ADA compliance and offering single-source accountability. Our unique business model encompasses the design, build, delivery, installation, and support of each project locally. View some key advantages of HydAway:

Technical Resources and Drawings

Led by an experienced engineering and design team lead, our professionals can assist you in every step of your project. If you’re curious to get a closer look at our designs and customizable options, view our technical resources page for detailed drawings, design files, and technical data sheets.

Customer and Contractor Info

HydAway Walls is renowned for its industry-leading customer satisfaction and service, collaborating with forward-thinking builders, businesses, and homeowners across North America on innovative projects. View our Customer and Contractor page to learn about details and tips to speed up the process.

About Us

Since its inception, HydAway Doors has been at the forefront of redefining space through unparalleled hydraulic door solutions. Born from a legacy of innovation that began in 1992, HydAway has continually pushed the boundaries of what hydraulic doors can achieve, transforming ordinary spaces into versatile, open-concept areas with just the push of a button. Our proprietary technology, including the revolutionary ‘Cushion Close’ system, ensures seamless and whisper-quiet operation, emphasizing our dedication to quality, precision, and bespoke solutions.