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HydAway Advantages

HydAway makes full ADA compliance simple!

We understand that every Project is Special.

With HydAway’s business model you’ll have confidence that only comes with single source accountability. We design, build, deliver, install, and support every project locally, providing integrity at every stage. HydAway also creates less structural loading than other options. Our HydAway patented products are simple, functional, and low maintenance.

Your HydAway door or wall puts a lifetime of reliable performance on the table. All the performance frustrations of ordinary door and wall systems disappear.

Our all-welded panels have no bolts or screws to will fatigue or loosen over the years. As well, you’ll find HydAway has the tightest weather seal on the market. When closed, the elements can’t enter.


Single Source Accountability.

Local manufacturing Across North America And Factory Trained Professionals gives peace of mind.

HyAway Walls

safe at ground level With zero maintenance hinges!

Strong, safe hinges

Choose A Location Near You

Our production and service centers are located across North America, so design, service and support are always close by. Choose a location that is near you.