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Rick & Patti Peterson HydAway Walls

Welcome from Rick & Patti Peterson, founders & owners.

My wife Patti and I built a sterling business reputation, thanks to a lifetime commitment to innovation, quality and customer service. My welding shop started at Lake Benton, Minnesota in 1988, and we introduced the world’s first production range of hydraulic doors in 1992.

Our patented HydAway door and wall products offer completely concealed hydraulic components when they are closed. These designs are fully ADA compliant, and can be used in both residential and commercial applications.

We know it’s not possible to provide personalized manufacturing, delivery, installation, and support for an entire continent from a single manufacturing site. We have built solid relationships with professional HydAway fabricators who share our customer-centered ideals. Instead of just one production facility, we have manufacturing and service locations across North America.

Our business model is unique in the industry. Only HydAway offers single source accountability, as every project stage is produced locally. Our professional design capabilities are part of every new or retrofit HydAway project we’re involved with.

Rick and Patti Peterson.

pool house 8 size glass wall in SD
hydaway walls

With fabrication and service centers across North America, our products, service and support are always close by. Choose a location that suits you.