Exactly What You Want, Just The Way You Ordered It!

In the ‘Classic’ auto era, customers could order an ‘Individual Custom’ from Packard, Cadillac, Pierce Arrow, Rolls Royce, Lincoln, and others. Starting with chassis size and wheelbase, every element of the car from bodywork, wheels, upholstery, windows, colors, lights, storage areas, carpet and trim was built to the owner’s specs.
At HydAway, we provide what is just a dim memory in most market sectors. When a customer contacts us, we never know where their inspiration will lead. Key features of our most famous projects had their genesis when a visionary owner chatted with our design team.
You’ll have local support close by at every stage, from initial design through custom fabrication, delivery and installation. Your very own ‘Individual Custom’ HydAway will be unforgettable when it’s complete!