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Brick Mansion, Chrome Lined Door

Raised Panel Exterior, chrome plate Inside.

Home w special trim 16' x 8' shop door TX post PS resized for website (12)

The 16′ x 8′ door’s exterior matches other doors perfectly.

This door opens to display a high-end garage and workshop space. Our design versatility lets you choose from a full spectrum of wood, glass, composite, steel, aluminum or masonry liners.

This owner’s chrome steel diamond plate makes a striking liner. Its gleaming surface reflects his personal taste in a showplace project. We can design any new door or opening wall so the heaviest sorts of sheathing can be installed.

Wherever your personal happy place is found, we’ll create a custom HydAway design to make it even more fun. Remember, there are no thresholds or steps to hinder access for guests with restricted mobility.

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