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Glass Walls For Lakeside Pavilion

translucent opening walls for family retreat

Lakeside pavillion w 2 - 18 x 8' & 1 - 24 x 4' Lexan walls ON post PS resized for website (1)

Clear walls allow the lake’s beauty to be seen whether open or closed.

Two of these walls are 18′ x 8′, and the wide bar-top model is 24′ x 4′. When owners and their families leave, all three walls close securely. Adverse weather won’t affect kitchen appliances or interior furniture when nobody is present.

A HydAway wall will bring similar versatility to your home, vacation cabin, or business location. They’re an attractive element for any new building project, and are designed to be added easily to your existing home.

You can convert indoor and outdoor areas into a single space anytime at the touch of a button. You, your family, and guests will enjoy spending time around your custom HydAway glass wall designs any time of day, any time of the year.

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