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Octagon Pool House, opening glass walls on 8 sides.

Pool House With 8 Glass Walls

With HydAway glass walls your view is no longer seasonal.

Near a mountaintop home set among Ponderosa pines is a striking octagonal glass building that houses a pool and hot tub. Three of the opening glass walls walls are bar top style at 15′ x 5′, and the other five are full height glass walls measuring 15′ x 9′.

360 degree views from the pool are present through every season. Each individual glass HydAway wall can be closed, partly open, or fully open to match the weather, the light, and your mood. No thresholds make access for wheelchair and walker users easy.

When closed, the reflective glass mirrors high ranch country landscape, sunrises, cloud formations, and sunsets as shown in the various images.

Accessory buildings with HydAway doors or opening walls are fascinating – let your creative instinct have full rein!

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